Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center

Merrimack Hall, the 25,000 square foot building purchased by Alan and Debra Jenkins in May 2006, was originally built in 1898 and expanded in 1920 by the Merrimack Manufacturing Company, a large textile manufacturer who had two large textile mills and a thriving mill village in Huntsville. Merrimack Hall was home to the Company Store and became the central hub of the village, providing a place for socialization and recreation to all of the village's residents. After nearly 100 years of operation, the Merrimack Mills were demolished in 1992. Today, 269 mill village houses and Merrimack Hall are all that remain of this important part of Huntsville's history.

With renovations complete in June of 2007, Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center now includes a 300-seat, state-of-the-art performance hall, a 3,000 square foot dance studio, and rehearsal and instructional spaces for musicians. Planned activities include a daily schedule of open classes in music, theatre and dance; workshops and master classes in all of the performing arts conducted by guest artists; summer performing arts camps; and regularly scheduled performances and productions. The Jenkins have established Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and have personally funded the purchase and renovation of the building as their gift to the community.

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