The Johnny Stallings Arts Program

Dance Your Dreams, Camp Merrimack and Project UP

John Mark "Johnny" Stallings was a remarkable man who lived a rich life, and touched the lives of many others. The son of legendary Alabama coach Gene Stallings, his parents were told at his birth that Johnny would likely not live past his 5th birthday. Defying the odds nearly ten times over, Johnny was a beloved figure on the Alabama sidelines and in the locker room, serving as an assistant to the Dallas Cowboys, where his father later coached, and working full-time at the Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa. His life is the subject of his father's book, Another Season: A Coach's Story of Raising an Exceptional Son. Today, facilities, schools, playgrounds and parks across the country are named in honor of Johnny Stallings and his exceptional life.

On June 5 2010, Gene Stallings came to Merrimack Hall and spoke about his son to raise money for Merrimack Hall's arts education programs for children with special needs. At this time, Merrimack Hall dedicated its three outreach programs to Johnny Stallings: Dance Your Dreams, Camp Merrimack, and Project UP. Today, the "arts education" portion of Merrimack Hall's stated outreach is honored with his name: The Johnny Stallings Arts Program.


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