The Spencers: Theatre of Illusion

Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year

For The Spencers, magic is no longer merely about baffling the audience by doing something seemingly impossible. Magic these days is about drama, spectacle, interaction, danger, and personality. And thatís exactly what separates The Spencers from every other magical performer in the field. The husband-wife team can penetrate through walls and levitate with the best of them, but they do it with world-class charisma and style, packing one of the biggest, most state of the art illusion rigs in the business. The Spencers were recently named International Magicians of the Year, the top honor given by the International Magicians Society, joining the ranks of Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, and Criss Angel. They have twice been named Americaís Best Entertainers.

As many young boys are, Kevin Spencer was intrigued by magic at a very early age. He remembers sitting in front of the television and being fascinated by the magicians he saw there. His parents bought him a magic kit at age eight and he worked hard on each of those tricks, performing them for friends and family.

In the seventh grade, Kevin's focus changed from magic to music. His enchantment and considerable talent with the piano started him on a journey toward becoming a concert pianist. And, then came Doug Henning...

Henning revived the fascination Kevin had with magic and he shared his attention between magic and music throughout high school. Upon graduation, he left home for college, taking his magic and music with him. While attending college in Chattanooga, he worked in one of the local magic shops part-time. This exposed him to new effects and gave him excellent experience in demonstrating them for others.

Visiting his parents in Indiana during a college break, he had the opportunity to catch a Doug Henning performance at the Holiday Star Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana. He scribbled a note to Mr. Henning asking for a moment of his time following the show. He gave that note to an usher who assured him he would get it backstage. About ten minutes later, the usher returned to tell Kevin that he could meet Mr. Henning at the stage door after the performance. He was ecstatic!

Arriving at the backstage door, he found hundreds of people waiting to see Doug. He asked around and found many of them were from area magic clubs or magicians - many of whom had also forwarded a note to Mr. Henning. Kevin assumed he would not have the opportunity to meet Henning face-to-face and decided to start the long drive home.

Much to his surprise, Henning's road manager came out and asked, "Is Kevin Spencer in the crowd?" Kevin identified himself and was told, "Mr. Henning would like to see you in his dressing room." Kevin was were the others waiting to meet Henning. Kevin was escorted to the dressing room where he spent more than an hour talking with Doug about touring with a large production and life on the road.

Henning was warm and personable, just as he had been on stage. He introduced Kevin to his management staff and they invited him to ask any questions he wanted. It was an extraordinary experience and one Kevin will never forget. Throughout the years of Henning's tours, he always had time to see Kevin and his wife, Cindy, and offer encouragement.

Today, The Spencers tour with one of the largest theatrical illusion shows in the nation. And they are some of the most respected artists in their field.

Spencer is the co-founder of Healing of Magic and the author of the Hocus Focus curriculum for special education students.

The Connection Workshop

March 2, 2013 at 12 & 3 p.m.

Kevin will host a workshop for students with special needs and their typical peers, using his Hocus Focus educational program. This workshop is open to students ages 13+ with and without special needs and is presented through a grant from the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities.

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