Chef Adrian GilStrap

Adrian Gilstrap

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Nyia's Southern Cuisine

Chef Adrian’s culinary journey began at a mere 5 years old. Surrounded by family, especially his father Leroy Gilstrap and the BBQ King of the family, Uncle George Nance, Adrian’s passion for cooking ignited early on. Starting as a dishwasher, he rose through the ranks, eventually achieving the title of the youngest executive chef at Burning Tree Country Club, where he served for 14 years. Along the way, Adrian expanded his expertise at Huntsville Country Club, Furniture Factory, Dave & Buster’s, and even gas stations. Then, in 2019, amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic and the joy of welcoming his daughter Niyah, Adrian opened Niyah’s Southern Deli. With his family’s unwavering love and support – Niyah, Adrian, Kelsea, and beyond – he is driven to reach new heights, knowing that anything is possible with their backing.