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A blog based around our friends with special needs

What is inclusion?

We’re working to bring people with special needs into the life of our community in Huntsville, Alabama.

The focus of Merrimack Hall’s mission is to provide visual and performing arts education to children and adults with special needs, but the heart of Merrimack Hall is the community of lives that have been connected through the arts. That’s what inclusion means to us.

Merrimack Hall allowing all of our community to unite and live together, making each other’s lives better in the process. As our co-founder Debra Jenkins said, “Normal is a dryer setting.” Every one of us has special needs. Some are harder to spot than others, but all of us deserve equal opportunities to live a live filled with purposeful connection.

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Debra Jenkins


We believe that everyone deserves the right to have access to a fulfilling spiritual life and the opportunity to find fellowship with others.

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Merrimack Hall

Inclusion-Based Church

We invite you to a forum led by Travis Collins, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church Huntsville and Debra Jenkins, co-founder of Merrimack Hall to discuss the topic of an inclusion-based worship service. Fill out the form for more info.

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