SARA Sara’s life-changing experiences at Merrimack Hall are why we love sharing the arts to those with special needs in our community. Watch Full Story This girl has seriously fantastic moves. In our programs, she is embraced for her individuality, and that means the world to Sara and her family. donate We invite you to […]

Kirsten & Preston

Kirsten& Preston After hearing no too many times, this family found an activity for their two children with autism to enjoy together. Watch Full Story Kirsten & Preston were excluded from activities for so-called typical children. Merrimack Hall gives their family a place to connect with other families and enjoy the arts. donate We invite […]


NOAH His connection with Merrimack Hall runs deep, and in our building, Noah finds friendship with our students. Watch Full Story His sister Skylar is a student at Merrimack Hall. Noah saw the joy given to his sister by our programs and wanted a piece of the action for himself. donate We invite you to […]


Haleigh Her love for dance led Haleigh to Merrimack Hall, and our building and programs altered the course of her life. Watch Full Story Haleigh loves working 1-on-1 with our students. Now attending Auburn University, Haleigh is pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy to continue shaping lives for the future. donate We invite you to […]

Alan, Hannah, & Pate

Alan,Hannah& Pate These three are an unlikely trio but Merrimack Hall gives them a place to connect. Your donation will give others that same chance. Watch Full Story For this #merrimackmilestone, we present a trio connected by Merrimack Hall. Alan lives in Birmingham, is 42 years old, and has Down Syndrome and Perthes Disease. Hannah […]


EMMA The daughter of our co-founders, Debra & Alan, she has seen Merrimack grow to impact more and more lives every year. Watch Full Story Emma was there from the inception of Merrimack Hall. Living in Asheville now, Emma’s heart still beats with our organization. Her passion and energy for our programs is positively infectious. […]


JENNA Sharing her passion for dance with our students at Merrimack is where she found freedom and acceptance. Watch Full Story Jenna has danced her whole life. She finds the chance to express herself through creative movement and now in college at the University of Alabama, Jenna jumps at the chance to volunteer at Merrimack […]


eliza Her smile as she dances at Merrimack Hall might be the most precious thing we’ve ever seen. Watch Full Story Eliza enrolled at Merrimack Hall in January 2019. We love seeing her dance in our studio and on our stage at Merrimack Hall. Eliza found a place of inclusion and hope in our Happy […]


anna Living her whole life with a rare medical condition has never stopped Anna from Dancing her Dreams at Merrimack Hall. Watch Full Story Anna was in the first dance class at Merrimack Hall in 2008. Eleven years later, she continues to inspire others with her courage, dignity and grace. donate We invite you to […]

Merrimack Milestones

MERRIMACK MILESTONES MERRIMACK HALL IS TURNING 100! In order to celebrate our building’s landmark birthday, we’re campaigning to honor the heritage of our community of people with special needs.  Your donation cements a lasting legacy for that community. donate We invite you to donate in honor of Merrimack Hall’s important place in Huntsville’s history and […]