Chef Lauren Herbert

Lauren Herbert

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Tamarind Island Grille

From a very young age of 8, Chef Lauren Herbert realized her love of cooking and serving. Driven by her Guyanese roots, she is passionate about bringing the flavors of her South American and Caribbean culture to Huntsville, Madison, and the surrounding areas. Chef Lauren’s professional journey started in 1988 after graduating from New York Restaurant School. As the head chef at York College in New York, head chef at The Radisson Hotel, and head chef at Mango’s Caribbean Restaurant, she learned how to work well under pressure, handle high volume, and develop her culinary skills creatively. Teaching young cooks about food is crucial to Chef Lauren, as she emphasizes that cooking for someone else is an act of love. She believes that food is one of the ultimate expressions of love and aims to continue teaching this to anyone who works with her.

Tamarind Island Grille, located at The Camp in the MidCity District, is now Chef Lauren’s new home. Cooking with fresh herbs and spices is a must for her, forming the foundation of all her dishes. Serving both vegan and meat dishes is inspired by her mom and grandma. Her mom loves to cook and entertain, while her grandma was a vegan chef in the 60s and 70s. The dishes at Tamarind truly reflect these inspirations.

A few years ago, Chef Lauren’s world was rocked when she developed Alopecia and lost her hair. Initially thinking her life was over, she fell into depression. However, as she continued cooking and creating new dishes, something new grew in its place, and she came alive again. Chef Lauren decided to start a new brand of herself as “Chef Baldy,” promoting products she created, including spices, sauces, and more. She is excited to share her flavors even more with this amazing community!

“Food is the ultimate expression of Love” – Chef Jaques Peppin