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Tyler Layne

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Box Eats

Chef Tyler grew up in Huntsville, engaging in cooking with his family since he was tall enough to reach the stove. With a substantial appetite, he learned to cook to satisfy his hunger at any time. Beginning his journey in restaurants at around 16 years old, Chef Tyler pursued and earned a degree in Culinary Arts and Nutrition from UNA in 2016. The culinary path led him through various back-of-the-house roles in restaurants, a food truck, and catering businesses. Concurrently, he started building his own business named Box Eats, with a primary focus on meal prep.

The business took shape in 2011, aligning with the surge in popularity of CrossFit and the paleo diet. Initially catering to fitness enthusiasts, the business evolved as Chef Tyler realized that people prioritize good, convenient food over strict health considerations. Presently, the business specializes in meal prep and catering, serving the residents of Huntsville and Madison.