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We give people with special needs the chance to express themselves creatively

Building a Lasting Legacy of Inclusion

Merrimack Hall offers services to children and adults with special needs that no other organization in the Southeast currently provides.

Our mission is to provide visual and performing arts education and cultural activities, to children and adults with special needs.

Impacting Hundreds In North Alabama

Founded in 2008, Merrimack Hall started as 1 weekly dance class for 10 children with special needs. Over more than a decade, our programs have grown to 23 arts related classes that serve hundreds of individuals with special needs from Huntsville, Madison County, and across North Alabama. These extracurricular activities enrich the social and creative needs of all who are involved.

Visual Art

Art is inspiring and affords a space for independent and creative expression. It brings joy to individuals and has multiple benefits for those with visual impairments. ​


Rehearsing lines and acts enhance cognitive and communication skills while allowing individuals the opportunity to shine on stage in front of a live audience!​


Movement through dance expresses emotions in a remarkable way, while simultaneously improving confidence & self-esteem in a non-judgemental setting.​


Music creates a unique and powerful connection between our participants and builds communication, motor and social skills for all of our participants.

Adult Day Program

After School Arts

Summer Camps

Gift the Arts.

Your donation gives children and adults with special needs a chance to experience the freedom of the arts.

Fundraisers & Events

We host events around the year to promote community inclusion.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the bulk of our funding comes from individual donations and sponsorships at our community events. Click an event below to learn more information about how you can get involved.

Rocket Chef
Rocket City Microthon
Golf Tournament


1. conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

2. everybody is more alike than we are different.

At Merrimack Hall, we firmly believe that every one of us has special needs. Some have special needs on the outside readily visible; some have special needs on the inside. Everyone has the need to feel loved. Everyone has the need to feel accepted.

Please join our efforts to make Huntsville & Madison County the gold-standard for diversity and inclusion by becoming a volunteer, donating or spreading awareness on behalf of our mission.

Watch a TEDx Talk from our co-founder Debra Jenkins on what it truly means to be normal.