& the ARTS

Our programs give people with special needs the chance to explore and express their creativity in a non-competitive setting.

Our Mission

To provide visual and performing arts education and cultural activities, to children and adults with special needs.

 Curriculums, created to meet our participants at their point of need, generate priceless amounts of self-confidence and cultivate independence on the floor of our dance studio, stage, or visual art spaces.  We believe that the more opportunities we can offer for creative expression, the greater the personal benefit for our participants.

We open doors for people with special needs and facilitate their involvement in our community. Please join us in our efforts to make Huntsville & Madison County the gold-standard for diversity and inclusion in the state of Alabama.

Our Programs

After-school arts education for all ages

An adult day program

A series of summer camps for all ages

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support The Happy Headquarters at Merrimack Hall!

In the words of co-founder Alan Jenkins,

“Merrimack Hall is not just about bricks and mortar, it’s about the arts revitalizing a neighborhood.”

Merrimack Hall’s renovations have created a positive economic impact on our neighborhood — the historic Merrimack Mill Village — and on the community as a whole in a number of ways.


Music creates a unique and powerful connection between our participants and builds communication, motor and social skills for all of our participants.


Movement through dance expresses emotions in a remarkable way, while simultaneously improving confidence & self-esteem in a non-judgemental setting.


Rehearsing lines and acts enhance cognitive and communication skills while allowing individuals the opportunity to shine on stage in front of a live audience!


Art is inspiring and affords a space for independent and creative expression. It brings joy to individuals and has multiple benefits for those with visual impairments.

Watch a TEDx Talk from our co-founder Debra Jenkins on what it truly means to be normal.

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