The Happy Headquarters

we are a community centered around the arts

Walk through the double doors of the Happy Headquarters at Merrimack Hall and you’ll find a vibrant, wonderful, and united community! 

Here everyone is free to express themselves and embrace their individuality while growing and learning together.

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Music creates a unique and powerful connection between our participants and builds communication, motor and social skills for all of our participants.


Movement through dance expresses emotions in a remarkable way, while simultaneously improving confidence & self-esteem in a non-judgemental setting.


Rehearsing lines and acts enhance cognitive and communication skills while allowing individuals the opportunity to shine on stage in front of a live audience!


Art is inspiring and affords a space for independent and creative expression. It brings joy to individuals and has multiple benefits for those with visual impairments.

The Happy Headquarters is a comprehensive, year-round program of arts related activities that serves hundred of individuals with special needs assisted by over 200 trained volunteers. We offer three distinct programs to the community of Huntsville/Madison County:

After-school arts education for all ages

An adult day program

A series of summer camps for all ages

Parents and family members of participants frequently praise Merrimack Hall for the unique nature of its elements and for helping their loved ones reach milestones previously thought impossible. We have both anecdotal and therapeutic evidence that many of our students are hitting milestones ahead of schedule, are behaving better at school and at home, are more confident, have improved communication skills and are more physically fit than before they joined us. First words are uttered on stage, first unassisted steps are taken, and lasting friends and fellowship are all celebrated for the miracles that they are at Merrimack Hall. We believe empowering these individuals to participate in meaningful arts related activities will give them increased independence skills and an improved overall quality of life.

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Quality Entertainment for our Community

In addition to our weekly programming, the Happy Headquarters at Merrimack Hall produces 2 major showcases each calendar year. The Dream BIG! Showcase is held on the first Saturday of May, while our Holiday Showcases are slated for the beginning of December to kickstart the Holiday Season.

Each showcase is a comprehensive production with professional sound, lighting and costumes featuring original acts and dance numbers rehearsed in our Happy HeARTS classes.

As if that isn’t enough, our adults enrolled in the Happy Days program treat our community to a concert performance, accompanied by a professional band in the Spring and Fall. Music plays an integral part in all of our programs at Merrimack Hall, and we are privileged to see first hand how it positively impacts the lives of all at the Happy Headquarters.

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